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Last year, I lost my daughter shortly after birth. I had knitted her a hat and blanket set. I felt fortunate that I had those on hand because it was extremely important to me to bundle her up in something cuddly and cozy. I have made the decision that every year, I will knit 2 sets, one for a boy, one for a girl, and donate them to the hospital to be given to families whose child has just passed. I will donate each set on her birthday. This year I have added booties to the set. I'm going to add the pattern for each (although I just kinda wing the blanket)here. Partly so that I don't lose them, partly so that if you choose, you can do the same thing in her honor.

2 300g (LARGE) balls of Bernat baby blanket yarn (super bulky weight)
size 11 knitting needles
crochet hook to weave ends and seams

cast on 22
row 1,3,5 knit
row 2,4,6 purl
row 7 cast off 5 knit to end
row 8 cast off 5 purl to end
row 9 knit
row 10 purl
row 11 decrease one in knit, knit to end
row 12 decrease one in purl, purl to end
row 13 knit 2 together across row, ending with 5 stitches on needle
row 14 purl 2 together, purl 1, purl 2 together ending with 3 stitches on needle
pull yarn through 3 stitches, sew seams
turn down cuff and decorate with bow if wanted
repeat for second bootie

Cast 19
row 1 slip one stitch knit wise. knit to end of row
row 2 knit 18. leave remaining unworked. turn
row 3 slip one stitch knitwise
row 4 knit 17, leave remaining unworked. turn
row 5 slip one stitch knit wise. knit to end.
row 6 knit 16. leave remaining unworked. turn
row 7 slip one stitch knit wise. knit to end.
row 8 knit to end of row (19 stitches).
repeat rows 1-8 7 more times (64 rows)
cast off. sew seams

cast on 75 to 105
alternate rows of knit and purl
work the yarn until either: you run out, or you are happy with the size of the blanket.
cast off. weave ends.
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