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So the last month has been shit. Chris's car threw a rod, so I was driving him to work. Then our sump pump went out and the basement flooded, which cost us about $800 to replace and repair. My car has now decided to crash out, leaving us without a vehicle. After talking to our mechanic friend, it's going to cost us AT LEAST a grand to fix ONE of the cars. We can't be without a vehicle. Chris works 24 miles away, his commute takes 45 minutes, one way. All of his co-workers live on the other side of it from us, so we would be asking them to give up about 4 hours of their day to drive him, and we're not ok with that. We don't live close enough to the bus line for that to be an option, and calling a cab is far too expensive. So we NEED to fix ONE of them by next Tuesday. If we can't get it fixed, Chris is going to have to find a job closer to home, which means he loses all of his benefits, medical, retirement, dental, and free schooling for dependents. Looking at our finances, we're going to come up about $800 short. We're pretty fucked at this point.

So yeah, i hate doing this, but, uh... help if you can?mOo

ETA: we sent out tax return out, and are getting a substantial refund, so I could have any money let paid back by the 20th of February.
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