Feb. 8th, 2010

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really, i don't think i should share most of my thoughts on the Superbowl. but i'll go ahead and give you a few.

I'm not sure who that quarterback was, he looked like Peyton. He threw a couple passes like Peyton. But he just didn't play the whole game like Peyton.
Also, who ever that team was on the field in the Colts uniforms in the second half: The Colts would like them back now.
We just didn't play like ourselves. We totally fucking gave up. Also: Why couldn't the defense tackle anyone?

The rest of my thoughts, while valid points, would only seem like the bitching of a sore loser (Freeney was being held ALL NIGHT) and some of them would sound downright douchey.

So congratulations Saints and Saints fans. I remember how it felt 3 years ago when we won. Hell, had you been playing any other team I would have been rooting for you. I know the city could really use a win. But, as any fan of Family Guy knows "Everybody gets one". Don't waste it. And remember: the Colts will be back again, and we won't be so easy to beat next time.


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