Feb. 19th, 2010

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WARNING: most of this is a recap post

I did my first work out today on the new bike. I feel good, but I'm seriously going to need help staying motivated. According to the "MyFitnessPal" app my goal is about 1950 calories a day. So far I'm doing good with it, but I really need to cut back on my sodium. To make matters even more difficult, I'm also giving up smoking and pepsi. So any encouraging thoughts, or genuinely helpful non-preachy advice is absolutely appreciated. I'm really going to need all the support and gentle nagging I can get, I've got about 150 to lose. But if I stay on track and don't plateau, according to my goal sheet I could get there in about 75 weeks. Wish me luck guys.


Feb. 19th, 2010 10:17 pm
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I've decided I'm going to regularly check in here with my progress: one check in for how my calories/cigarettes/pepsi/workout stuff for the day went, and one check in a week on my measurements.

So check in one-
Calories: with a goal of a net intake of 1940 a day- I have consumed 1467 and worked off 255 with a net intake of 1212, so I have 728 left for the day!
Cigarettes: I'm aiming on cutting back with an eventual stoppage, so for today with a goal of <10 I've had 4!
Pepsi: given that I had a calorie shortfall of over 800, I indulged and had one. But just one.
Workout: with an eventual goal of a total of 90 minutes- 2 rounds with the bike for a total of 255 calories, 50 minutes of work, and 10 miles ridden!
My impressions/thoughts on today's progress: I think I've done pretty well in total, I'm disappointed I broke down and had the Pepsi, but I hit or exceeded my goal for everything but the bike, and I have to work my stamina up for that.

And now for the horrendously embarrassing check in: my measurements (all in inches)-
Neck: 19
Ribcage (under armpits):54
Ribcage (under bust-line):56
Bust-line: 66
Hips: 66
Waist: 62
Upper Arm: 22(R) 20(L)
Forearm: 13(R) 12(L)
Wrist: 8.5 (R) 8 (L)
Thigh: 38 (R) 36 (L)
Calf: 23 (R) 22(L)
Ankle: 10.5 R&L

I'm hoping all of these numbers go down by next week. I've decided that this is the best way to measure the effectiveness of what I'm doing, as opposed to strictly weight (besides, I don't have a scale at the moment).

So there it is, tune in next Friday for the whole rundown, and every morning for a recap of my day before... you know, if you care. This is really more for me and my need to feel accountable to someone other than myself.


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