Jul. 24th, 2010

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My roommate's ex-kinda-lesbian girlfriend has been harrassing me ever since he decided he was done with her after she hooked up with his best friend and his brother told him about her sucking his brother off for rent. Now, this bitch has problems. Being too smart is not one of them. a typo here and there I can forgive. Even a lack of capitalization is ok with me. This is just fucking retarded.
OK, so I'm just gonna post the messages I've been getting, with no editing.
The messages started off with:
"hey you should go fuck yourself, cuz no one else will! FATTASSS"

To which I replied:
"I've never said anything to you or about you. I couldn't care less what you do with your life. And yet, you can't seem to let something go that should have been done with months ago. You keep saying not to contact you (at least that's what I think you're saying, it's hard to decipher through all the misspellings and 3rd grade grammar) but you keep contacting us. We don't care. We've moved on. Is your life with mark really that sad that you have to harrass me?
Also, yes, I'm fat. Congratulations, you have eyes. thing is, I can change that whenever I want, simply by going on a diet. You, however, are a cold-hearted, petty, hate-filled bitch. And that, my dear, they have no diet for."

And then she said:

"go fuck yourself ...diet my ass!!! you wld have by now! what cn you do about your dirty nasty house????????????????/ clean it? haha you will never change! i feel sorry for you and your child! whats your last name byant?? you started this on facebook bitch! o and btw your not fat, its called obisity!!!GET HELP!"

"To make things clear! You n chris cn go fuck your white trah asses! Leave us aline, all we care about and eber did, is matt! If you two are so fucking intelligent??? Why dont you take better care of yout son??? o' nimd me, pardon ...cuz your not only, fatt, but nasty, ungrateful, white-trash, dirty, piece-of-shit,worthless-to society, fucks.....! Hows that third grade grammer? Or should i call it: sit on my lard ass all day, in front of a computer, and not take care of my son, any my boyfriend wont fuck me, let alone, stand to smell my dirty ass gramer???? What is it self-loathing, obess bitch?? Huh???? FUCK OFF!!"

"O and far beyond it for dumbass to afford an i4, which is hard to messages on! But ur broke ass wldt understand, huh? Get off ur ass, and stop making excuse, lazy, noisey bitch!"

And then, not 20 minutes later I get this:

"------------My bad, some other brandi must b talkin shit on face book, althoug i dont know any one else named brandi, and that message came after chris talked a whole lot of shit. Never the less i have no reason to say mean and hurtful things to you! Its not me, unless ive had wayyyyy to much to drink! So i do apologize. I will delete and block all three of you because i do not want to have anything to do with youand you will not hear from me again ."

Yeah. I've never even talked to this girl on Facebook. I rarely talk on Facebook at all. And yes, my house is messy sometimes. And my dishes don't always get done right after eating. I have a 6 year old that I like to spend time with and 3 other adults living here. Five people's stuff can get pretty cluttered and messy. Also, I am obese. I get this. I'm also 10% smaller than I was in February. I just really don't understand why someone has to be so fucking hurtful. It's really not my fault Matt doesn't want to talk to her anymore. It's also not my fault that she'll suck your dick if you pay her rent. These are just facts.

So, even though I know she's a complete fucktard, why does all of this hurt so much?


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