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Well, i guess congress adjourned without re-authorizing unemployment extensions. I don't know if this means that if you're on an extension that you're not getting anymore money, or if it means that as soon as you've exhausted your current benefits, there is no extension. Which would be really nice to know, because I'm fuckin BROKE this week and the only money we were going to get before next Wednesday was an unemployment check. I have rent to pay, storage (which I'm a month behind on anyway), cable (ditto the storage), power (which i can push back a week, so I'm not breaking out in cold sweats over that), and gas. Not to mention the fact that we have to eat (i have food stamps, but there was a glitch with turbo tax that may or may not have fucked my benefits there, i could never get my social worker to call me back), if the weather would warm up Chris could go back to work (but that incurs a few other expenses, like contacts because he can't work in his glasses, gas, and insurance on my car since it finally got fixed, which totals about $150). I'm so totally fucked. Even if I do get the check, $160 immediately goes to cable, and $160 to storage, which will leave me a little less than $100. I'll get the $400 for half of the rent from my roommates on Friday.... i'm just... fucked, not fucked hard, but fucked. at least i don't have to figure out how to pay for cigarettes anymore..... I'm still freaking out a bit though. I'm kinda scared... just a little. SHIT.

ETA: i did get my food stamps, so we can at least eat this week. still no word on unemployment.

ETA: ok, so we got an unemployment check... slight problem though, the card the automatically put the checks on expired yesterday and we've gotten no replacement card... i'm still going to try this card at the atm at 10, but hopefully we get a new card in the mail soon. still kinda screwed moneywise, but i think we may be ok... i'm hoping
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