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[Error: unknown template qotd]willful ignorance. stupidity annoys me, but people who know they're stupid but choose to do nothing about it (i'm not saying they have to be geniuses, just not drooling morons) annoy the shit out of me.

and people who ask questions they don't really want answers to. like "hey, you wanna run to the store for me?" "no" and then they throw a fit cuz you don't want to go. why not just ask me to go to the store for you, then you can bitch cuz i won't. if you want me to do something, ask me to do it, don't ask if i want to, or if i mind, cuz you may not like the answer. although people who ask me a question and then don't listen to the answer annoy the fuck out of me too.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]after reading this i absolutely have a plan for the zombie attack. i'd tell you, but my plan can only support a finite number of people and, as of this moment, you're not one of them. let's just say we'll be merciful if you're one of the horde who attempts to eat us.
as for the earthquakes and hurricanes: i live in indiana, that shit just doesn't happen here. ok, we get a few earthquakes, but they're nothing. now if only the fucking tornadoes would stop.


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